Book Binding & Repairs. Welcome to Book Restorations.

We sympathetically repair and restore your cherished volumes. Traditional hand bookbinding and period bindings are also carried out.

Old family Bibles, Shakespeares, dictionaries and childhood favourites are our specialty.


Book Restorations - restoring and repairing old books to make its original coniditions

Our Workshop provides the following services:

  • Regular hand bookbinding with cloth and leather covers
  • Custom and period bindings
  • Repair and restoration of books and documents
  • Leather binding repairs
  • Cloth binding repairs
  • Paper repairs to books and documents
  • Treatment of deteriorating leather
  • Gilding, decorative hand tooling and embossing of books and leather items
  • Encapsulation of fragile documents
  • Photographic albums
  • Leather writing desks re-leathered and tooled
  • Leather-covered boxes restored, e.g. carriage clock boxes

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. We operate from our workshop at our private residence, in Roseville, Sydney. It is necessary, therefore, to make an appointment with us prior to your visit.

In addition to our bookbinding and restoration activities, we have had manufactured for us, to our own specifications, an archival, conservation - standard, synthetic adhesive. This is used in all our Workshop work where a synthetic adhesive is required. As requested by others, we have made this adhesive available to everyone. Please find more information about Evasol Adhesive here.

Sydney Book Restorations, Repairs and Bookbinding. Since 1976.