Quarter Cloth Binding with Marbled Sides - Bookbinding


We undertake the following bookbinding work:

  • Hand bound books from newly printed pages
  • Rebinding of old volumes with new covers

Traditional bookbindings are carried out in varying styles:

Full Leather Bindings - Bookbinding
  • Simple and elegant modern cloth bindings, with appropriate titling to spine and/or front cover. Choice of book cloths available in various classical colours
  • Modern and period bindings in quarter leather, half leather and full leather, including gold titling and decorative gilding. Wide selection of handmade marbled papers available for use when requested. Leather skins available in various classical colours.
  • Many of our commissions are artistic and creative in nature, to suit the individual needs of our customers. Each year, we often prepare several final school year student's artworks for their HSC examinations. Unusual work is normal, for example making books 1 metre high, with pages 6mm thick. We also create books from ladies' embroidery handwork.
Cloth Binding with Titling - Bookbinding

Hand binders will always give closer attention to the strength and elegance of books, than can be found in modern machine-bound methods. Bookbinding machines are restricted by their lack of facility, whereas a hand binder will carefully handle the volumes with manual dexterity and contemplate the many forces involved in opening and closing and using a book. The binder can thus modify the binding style to suit each and every volume, always keeping in mind that the book must be strongly bound, easy to open, and easily held for reading. Endpaper constructions, which are so important to the proper workings of a book, are modified according to the intended use of the volume.

In all the work we do, and wherever possible, conservation standard materials are used, in order to prolong the life of these bound volumes.

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